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INNOVATION Safe and effective pain relief

The MamaCool™ pad provides a safe, effective and convenient method of delivering cooling therapy to women experiencing perineal trauma post vaginal childbirth. It’s unique design provides a hygienic and comfortable pain management solution that honours and supports mothers in their post-partum recovery.

Cooling Therapy

Design Designed by a midwife

Throughout her 25 years as a midwife, Natalie W. was frustrated by the lack of a dignified, fit for purpose product to deliver relieving cold therapy to new mums in her care. This led her to develop the MamaCool™ pad so that clinicians could easily follow cooling therapy protocols and women’s recovery experiences could be improved.

  • Hygienic, mess free and easy to use solution
  • Provides pain relief without medication
  • Doesn’t interfere with breastfeeding
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Features Maximum comfort

MamaCool™ was created with the woman’s comfort in mind.

Orientation of the contoured pad change be changed to delivered cooling relief where it is needed most

Holes allow post-birth blood to flow through to maternity pad to help keep area dry

Soft and smooth outer layer is gentle on stitches

Support Instructions for use

The pads can be used for both peri-urethral and perineal tears. Instructions for use with tips and illustrations is included in the brochure to download, or they can be viewed here.

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