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Multigate Offsets 1,196 Tonnes of Greenhouse Emissions!

Published: 16 December 2021

Multigate is proud to announce we have been certified as a Climate Neutral Company by global climate action expert South Pole. Our efforts to measure and offset our emissions earned us this certification for the current financial year.

Our commitment to delivering cost effective, quality products that enable clinicians to perform at their best, remains unchanged. However today, environmental considerations also form a central part of our thinking and we are progressively taking action to minimise the environmental impact of our business operations, products and services.

We see certification as a Climate Neutral Company as an important first step in a body of work aimed at reducing our environmental impact in all facets of our business. Multigate has a comprehensive environmental stewardship program with clear objectives to systematically reduce emissions in our operations and our products and to offset any remaining unavoidable emissions.

Sherrie Pham, who leads our environmental program says,

“We chose South Pole to partner with us on our climate impact reduction journey because they are an established, recognised international company. We were excited by the comprehensive range of projects they had on offer which meet the highest international standards and make a real difference to the lives of the people and communities in the regions where these projects are located.
We want our carbon offsets to support at least one project in China and one in Australia enabling emission reduction activities and the delivery of benefits to communities in the countries where we as a business generate most of our emissions. We chose to direct our initial investments to the Jandra/Nulty Native Forest Regeneration Project (Australia) and the Antai Waste Gas Recovery Project (China).” 

Ben Chen, CEO Multigate Medical Products says,

“This is an exciting milestone for Multigate. It is the first of many initiatives we have planned to significantly reduce our environmental footprint over the next 3 years.
I am pleased to be able to report this initiative has resulted in Multigate offsetting 1,196 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) to compensate for the emissions generated by our activities in FY 2021. This has the same effect as removing 409 average Australian cars off the road for 1 year*.
Multigate is systematically looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint. Environmental considerations form a key part of our Small Change, Big Impact framework which seeks to deliver ways to improve patient outcomes, the performance of our products and services and the overall value we offer to customers.” 

If you would like to learn more about this initiative or find out how Multigate can help you to select the best product from our range to reduce your environmental impact, please contact your Business Development Manager or click here to send us email.  


*Based on an average Australian petrol passenger car that uses 11.1L/100km and travels 11,067km year ( 2020) and Petrol EF of 2.38 kgCO2e/L ( 2021), we calculate emission generated at 0.26418 kgCO2e/km travelled and 2,923.68 kgCO2e per car/per year.