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Continuing our journey

Our efforts to measure and offset our emissions earned us this validation for FY 2022. As we move forward, we continue to see climate neutrality as a foundational pillar of our environmental stewardship program and our journey to continually improve and reduce our impact on climate change.

Compensating for our Carbon Footprint

To compensate for the emissions generated by our activities in FY23^, Multigate has offset 1,315 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). This has the same emission reduction effect as removing 449 average Australian cars off the road for 1 year*.


Supported Projects

We are supporting climate action projects in Australia and China, which means our investment is directly leading to carbon being avoided or sequestered, and benefits being delivered to communities, in the countries where most of our emissions are generated.

Small Change, Big Impact

We are systematically looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint and carbon emissions as part of our Small Change, Big Impact program.