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MediClean Low Linting Towel (Peel Pack of 2) - Dispenser Box


Product Details



Units Per Inner

65 pks

Inners Per Carton

4 boxes

Carton quantity

260 pks





More Information

Material: Non-woven Spun Lace (Cellulose/Polyester)
Towel Size: 31.8cm x 33cm (Small)
Dispenser Box Qty: 64pks (2pcs per pack)
Soft & Gentle on Hands
Low Linting
Sterilisation Type: ETO
Latex Free
Non-sterile: 57-112 (Ctn Qty: 12boxes (100pcs per dispenser box))

A Range of Products to Suit Different Needs

We offer a range of latex free towels and wipes that support all your general purpose and more specialised cleaning requirements.


Our softest, lowest-linting all-purpose towel.  A versatile towel that delivers lasting performance especially when wet. It is often used as a tray liner and for applications where the towel is soaked in water for long periods.

  • Superior wet and dry strength
  • Lasting performance, even in warm water
  • Absorbs up to 5.5 times its weight in fluid


Absorbency and strength you can trust.  A versatile towel that is highly absorbent and can perform when wet or dry.  It’s high strength, absorbency and lasting performance when wet makes it the perfect choice for high fluid procedures, such as mopping up spills and operating room hand drying.

  • Superior wet and dry strength
  • Lasting performance, even when wet
  • Absorbs up to 8 times its weight in fluid

All Purpose Towel

A great economical all-rounder.  A versatile towel that is highly absorbent with fast fluid capture rate. Can be used wet or dry.  It's high absorbency, quick saturation rate and low linting, makes it suitable for wide range of cleaning applications. Best suited for wipe-and-throw applications like mopping up fluids and hand drying.

  • Fast fluid capture
  • Absorbs up to 8.5 times its weight in fluid

Not sure which one best suits your needs? 
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