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INNOVATION Supporting aseptic practice

SmartTab® Dressing Packs are designed to support an Aseptic Non Touch Technique (ANTT®), ensuring Key-Parts and Key-Sites are protected in any procedure.

  • Pack folding supports a safe and efficient opening
  • Tabs provide a simple and effective way to open and position the aseptic field
  • Two-colour system clearly denotes sterile surfaces

DESIGN Improved process

SmartTab® Dressing Packs are designed to support an easy four-step preparation of the Aseptic Field that helps caregivers to consistently follow ANTT® principles.



TRAY DESIGN Managing fluids

Our two dressing trays support different clinical preferences but both are designed to avoid spills and improve the management of fluids.

High walls minimise the chance of spills.

Our trays accommodate generous fluid volumes.

A raised sloping grid aids the removal of excess fluid.

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