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Working with you

Our work with nurses and surgeons has shown us that all too often it's the little things that make the biggest difference to their working day.

Small Change Big Impact is a philosophy we apply when reviewing our products, services and supply arrangements. It’s a philosophy focused on how we better serve you and the patients in your care.


Balanced approach

We evaluate potential changes against a multi-criteria framework to ensure that they are well considered, balanced and capable of making a big impact. 

It's a philosophy that helps us to discover ways to improve patient outcomes, save you money, improve performance and reduce the environmental footprint of a product or service.


Meaningful change

We understand that change can be disruptive, so we don't take it lightly - no change is made just for the sake of it.  Multigate is committed to only making meaningful changes that benefit our customers, patients and planet.

Impacts in action

Click on each tile to find out how a small change can create a big impact

We've added a fluorescent thread to our Fluro-Tec Swabs and Sponges to make them 9.5 times easier to see

We've changed 4 cotton layers to polyester viscose in our Composite Sponges to reduce its lifecycle water use by 56%

We've improved the Aseptic Field and wrapping technique used in our SmartTab Dressing Packs to reduce the potential for cross contamination

Get involved

If you would like to learn more about our program or are keen to create a big impact in your hospital, you can...

  • Take part in surveys, studies and design projects to help us improve our products and services
  • Tell us about areas you've identified where a small change could make a big difference
  • Share with us some of the small changes you've made that are creating a big impact in your hospital

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More info contact Multigate on (02) 8718 2888