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Design Designed to stand out

Fluro-Tec® provides a simple, effective solution to make intra-operative detection easier and less stressful, complementing your processes designed to eliminate the risk of retained surgical swabs and sponges.

  • 9.5 times more visible# to the naked eye
  • A reliable 5-count every time
  • No loose XRD threads
  • Highly absorbent
  • Low linting

INNOVATION Intra-operative detection

Fluro-Tec® swabs and sponges contain a fluorescent, non-absorbent green-yellow thread to make a blood soaked Fluro-Tec® 9.5 times more visible# to the naked eye and even more detectable under UV light. 

FEATURES No loose XRD threads

Multigate XRD threads are made using a patented weave and bond process to reduce the chance of dislodgement, helping to ensure no threads are left behind.

Separate X-ray threads are woven between weft and warp threads.

X-ray threads use a thermoplastic element for bonding to a middle gauze layer.

Our swabs and sponges can absorb up to 9 times their own weight in fluids.

Absorption Our Range