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Design Designed to stand out

Ensuring patient safety is paramount to us. That’s why our Fluro-Tec® range is designed to stand out, complementing your processes designed to eliminate the risk of retained surgical sponges.

  • Intra-operative detection
  • X-ray detectable
  • Highly absorbent
  • Low linting
  • No loose threads

INNOVATION Intra-operative detection

Our unique fluorescent thread ensures our swabs and sponges are visible under UV light and detectable by the naked eye, even when soaked in blood.

FEATURES No loose XRD threads

Multigate XRD threads are made using a patented melt and weave process to reduce the chances of dislodgement helping to ensure no threads are left behind.

Separate X-ray threads are woven between weft and warp threads.

X-ray threads use a thermoplastic element for bonding to a middle gauze layer.

Our swabs and sponges can absorb up to 9 times their own weight in fluids. For more details, click HERE.

More info contact Multigate on (02) 8718 2888