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Suction Irrigator Design Recognition

We are proud to announce our Cadence® Suction Irrigator has been awarded a Gold Award by Good Design Australia, for its outstanding design and innovation.

Superior Performance Precision and flow

The Multigate Cadence® Suction Irrigator delivers effortless management of the operating field through precision and flowing ergonomic design.

  • Reliable suction performance
  • Precision irrigation
  • Supports pistol and trumpet grips
  • Leak free
  • Improved comfort
  • Intuitive design

Features Comfort and control

Comfort, control and flow are essential ingredients to a surgical procedure. The Multigate Cadence® Suction Irrigator delivers the effortless flow, ergonomic comfort, controlled suction and precision you need, to perform at your best.

A smooth irrigation and grooved suction button enables the surgeon to select the correct button without removing their eyes from the screen.


Ergonomic handle is comfortable and helps to reduce fatigue. 

(Pistol grip setup) 

The precision tip delivers a steady flow of fluid and controlled suction.

SPECIMEN RETRIEVAL Reliable tissue capture

The Multigate Cadence® Specimen Retrieval system delivers safe, reliable tissue capture.

  • One-handed deployment
  • Deployment precision
  • Exceptional bag strength
  • Secure retrieval cord
  • Ergonomic design

Features Easy to use

Our Cadence® Specimen Retrieval system is an ergonomically designed tool crafted to deliver precise deployment and secure tissue retrieval. Exceptional bag strength and a strong cord ensures a simple and safe bag retrieval.

An ergonomic handle. 

The exceptionally strong and elastic TPU bag provides optimal protection against tears and bursting.

Shorter prongs enhances manoeuvrability.

Laparoscopic Solutions

In March 2015 Multigate acquired Eisner™, a leader in re-usable laparoscopic instruments to complement our growing range of Cadence® single-use instruments. This partnership extends our customer's ability to access best of breed solutions for all their laparoscopic surgery needs.

More info contact Multigate on (02) 8718 2888