COVID-19 Related Temporary Product Change

23 July 2020 | Brad Albury

SMS Sterile Field change for

  • Skin Lesion Packs
  • Catheter Packs
  • IV Starter Packs


Temporary Changes to Ensure Continuity of Supply

Dear valued customers,

Shortages and volatility of pricing for SMS have required us to make temporary changes in the materials used in the production of sterile fields for some of our Skin Lesion, Catheter and IV Starter Packs, in order to ensure continuity of supply of these important products.

In each instance the SMS sterile fields will be replaced with a temporary alternative of equal or better specification. Please be assured, while the alternate material used will look and feel different, its clinical performance is the same.


Material Swatches

(A) SMS - Original Spec.

This will be replaced with either (B) or (C).

(B) Plastic

Has a very soft feel & excellent drapability.

(C) Paper/Plastic Laminate

Two colour fabric that absorbs fluids.


Temporary Change Details

Skin Lesion Packs

Product Code

Changes to Sterile Field

Applicable Batch Numbers


From (A) 49x49cm to (B) 60x60cm

8313920, 8320320


From (A) to (B)



From (A) to (B)

8317420, 8318820, 8323020


From (A) 49x49cm to (B) 60x60cm



Catheter Packs

Product Code

Changes to Sterile Field

Applicable Batch Numbers


From (A) to (B)

8314920, 8321420


From (A) to (B)

8315020, 8321520


IV Starter Packs

Product Code

Changes to Sterile Field

Applicable Batch Numbers


 From (A) to (B)

8318420, 8324320


 From (A) to (B)

8318520, 8324420



Support Materials

Click on the links sitting below this article in the more information section, to view and download an A3 poster to help you communicate this temporary change at your hospital.  Each sterile field change has its own poster.  Poster 1 covers Skin Lesion Packs with change A to B.  Poster 2 covers Skin Lesion, Catheter and IV Starter Packs with change A to C.


Questions and Answers 

Q: Will the price be affected?
A: No. There will be no change in price.

Q: Do I need to do anything?
A: No. First shipments of packs with this change are expected to arrive in Australia at the end of June and they will automatically roll out once current stocks on hand are depleted.

Q: How long will this temporary measure be in place?
A: Not long! Supply issues affecting SMS based products are starting to return to normal. As a result, only limited batches of product will be affected and the return to the original specification will be rapid.  We will notify you once we receive stocks of packs with original specification.

Managing Supply Continuity During the Global Pandemic

Supply of essential products remains challenging in the current market context. Rapidly growing raw material costs, raw material shortages, a volatile Australian dollar and supply capacity issues are forcing us to make daily decisions to support continuity in product supply and to manage the costs associated with the supply of the products you need.

In this instance, our strong relationships with suppliers have allowed us to move quickly to evaluate and source temporary replacements allowing us to avoid any interruption in supply. We appreciate your understanding and support as we strive to provide you with the best possible service during this challenging time.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this change, please contact your dedicated Multigate Business Development Manager.

Your Sincerely,

Brad Albury
Head of Sales
Multigate Medical Products
M) 0418 255 462  E)