Making our NZ Procedure Packs Climate Neutral

06 September 2023

Every procedure pack bought by New Zealand customers of Multigate from 1 September 2023 will be supplied climate neutral.

Ben Chen, Multigate’s CEO said,

“Multigate has offset 20,175 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions to make our procedure packs climate neutral.  We are proud to announce this market-leading initiative is now available to our New Zealand customers.”  

To make every procedure pack sold to New Zealand customers in FY24 climate neutral, Multigate has pre-purchased carbon credits to cover a projected 2,000 tonnes* of greenhouse gas emissions.  

Multigate has performed third party verified lifecycle assessments on the majority of products that are used in procedure packs to accurately account for greenhouse gas emissions and will now extend that analysis to the New Zealand product portfolio.

Ben Chen was keen for New Zealand customers to understand and stated that,

“This is just the beginning. Our goal is to work with our customers to find sustainable ways to reduce the impact of the products they choose to consume.  We see this as a very important contribution to our customers’ and our own journey to Net Zero.”

*Multigate has pre-purchased and retired 2,000 carbon credits to offset our estimated FY24 emissions of our NZ Propax procedure pack portfolio, to support our claim.  We will then begin the process of collecting the data we need to be able to accurately model our impact. At the end of the FY24 financial year, our climate active partner CARBON NEUTRAL will calculate our actual impact & compare it against our estimate to determine if a shortfall exists and we will purchase additional credits if required to achieve and validate our climate neutrality for the period. If you have any questions regarding our climate neutral program, please do not hesitate to contact our marketing department either in person or via email: