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New Phone System

Published: 24 February 2020


Multigate’s new phone system will go live on Wednesday!


Dear Customer,

This is a courtesy communication to advise you that Multigate will transition to a new phone system on Wednesday the 26th of February. We will transition to the new system between 1:00pm and 3:00pm, which is typically our quietest period for enquiries and it is after our emergency pick & pack cut-off time for same day delivery.

We are not expecting any significant disruption to our ability to take your calls during this change-over. However, as part of our risk planning, we have put in place a back-up measure.  If you experience any issues when calling our phone numbers, can you please either:

  1. Email your orders or enquiries to
  2. Call or SMS using the following numbers:

Customer Service: 0412 347 107 or 0432 322 040.

Reception/ Other Departments: 0428 471 485.

Our internet and mobile phone systems will not be affected by our phone system upgrade. Further, it is our expectation that even if our ability to receive inbound calls is affected, we will still be able to make outbound calls… which means we can call you if we know you tried to contact us.


Benefits of new phone system

We are excited about our new phone system upgrade. It contains new features that will benefit our customers and staff including:

  • A new directional system to help ensure your call is directed to the appropriate person
  • Real-time queue monitoring with automatic escalation, to help reduce waiting times
  • A new call back feature. If you are placed in a queue, you can choose to leave your details and we’ll call you back as soon as your position in the queue is reached.
  • Calls can be recorded for training and quality purposes, giving us the ability to evaluate our performance so we can improve our service to you.
  • Call traffic and stage reporting which will allow for us to spot and understand call patterns so we can identify areas for improvement.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Jackie Daniel
Customer Service Manager
P: 02 8717 3801