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Protex®4 Lithotomy Drape with Adhesive Reinforced Rectangular Perineal Aperture & Attached Leggings

Multigate drapes provide effective barrier to prevent microbial transfer. Designed to deliver patient safety and best clinical outcomes. Designed with clinicians needs in mind to deliver outstanding performance. This Lithotomy Drape with Attached Leggings (35-166) is suitable for a wide range of gynaecological procedures and it is generally used in combination with Blue PE Under Buttocks Drape (35-109).

Product Details


259(71)cm x 247cm

Units Per Inner


Inners Per Carton


Carton quantity

20 pcs





More Information

Adhesive rectangular perineal aperture 7.5cm x 15cm
Ultra reinforcement around aperture
Attached leggings
Non-sterile code: 35-166NS

Gynaecological Drapes

Multigate Gynaecological Drapes cover the full range of relevant procedures and are known for their exceptional fluid management and infection control. They are cost effective and reduce the risk of contact with body fluids for clinicians and patients.

Relevant Procedures

  • 1244  Other excision procedures on ovary
  • 1251  Salpingectomy
  • 1258  Other procedures on fallopian tube
  • 1259  Examination procedures on uterus
  • 1260  Insertion or removal of intrauterine device
  • 1263  Destruction procedures on uterus
  • 1265  Curettage and evacuation of uterus
  • 1266  Excision of lesion of uterus
  • 1268  Abdominal hysterectomy
  • 1269  Vaginal hysterectomy
  • 1275  Destruction procedures on cervix
  • 1283  Repair of prolapse of uterus, pelvic floor or enterocele
  • 1297  Procedures for reproductive medicine
  • 1299  Other procedures on female genital organs

Instructional Videos

Protex®4 - Advanced Drape Protection System

Advanced materials technology that improves drape imperviousness and absorbency to deliver unbeatable patient and surgical team protection.

Protex®4 drapes are made from a pliable yet tough impervious bi-laminate material supported by an additional ultra-reinforcement layer to further boost absorbency if required.  They are designed to eliminate bacterial transfer and deliver maximum absorbency and strikethrough prevention.

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For details refer to applications: 201613307, 201712340, 201713600, 201713601, 201713962.