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Clear PE Isolation Hip Drape with Fluid Collection Pouch & Adhesive Rectangular Aperture with Full Incise Film

Note: 35-124 (S) & 35-124NS (NS) are the equivalent replacement for Clear PE drape 28-502 (S) & ST 0025 (NS). 35-124/35-124NS will replace 28-502/ST 0025 once sold out.

Product Details


320cm x 240cm

Units Per Inner


Inners Per Carton


Carton quantity

15 pcs





More Information

Adhesive rectangular aperture with full incise film 48cm x 24cm
V-Fluid collection pouch 52cm / 4.5cm x 50cm
Dual instrument pouches 17cm x 25cm
Adhesive positioning tapes
Non-sterile code: 35-124NS
Protex®4 equivalent for 28-502 (S) / ST 0025 (NS)

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