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Protex®4 Thyroid Drape with Reinforced Rectangular Aperture & a Tube Holder/Fastener

Re-order code: 35-062

Thyroid Drape with Aperture
Drape Fabric Keys

Protex®4 Thyroid Drape with Reinforced Rectangular Aperture & a Tube Holder/Fastener

Re-order code: 35-062

Size 230cm x 305cm
Units Per Inner -
Inners Per Carton -
Carton quantity 20 pcs
Sterile Sterile
Use Single Use
Colour -

More Information

  • Protex®4 Drape 230cm x 305cm
  • Rectangular Aperture 15cm x 10cm
  • Ultra reinforcement around aperture 35cm x 25cm
  • 1 x Tube holder/fastener
  • Non-sterile code: 35-062NS

Thyroid Drapes

Multigate Thyroid Drapes cover the full range of relevant procedures and are known for their exceptional fluid management and infection control. They are cost effective and reduce the risk of contact with body fluids for clinicians and patients.

Relevant Procedures

  • 0112  Biopsy of parathyroid or thyroid gland
  • 0113  Parathyroidectomy
  • 0114  Thyroidectomy

Draping Solutions

Multigate offers a variety of draping solutions to meet the varying needs of our customers.

Drape sets - Standard

Purchasing your Thyroid Drapes as a pre-specified set is the easiest way to all necessary drapes required for a procedure, together in one pack.

Drape sets - Custom

Multigate can provide any combination of drapes you like in your Custom Procedure Pack (CPP).  Please talk to your Multigate Business Development Manager if you are interested in this option.

Individual Pieces

The benefit of purchasing individual drapes is that you can tailor your solution to better reflect your requirements.  

  • Option A: Rectangular Aperture. Apply Thyroid Drape with Reinforced Rectangular Aperture (35-062)
  • Option B: Dimond Aperture. Apply Thyroid Drape with Reinforced Dimond Aperture (35-258) 


Advanced Drape Protection System

Advanced materials technology that improves drape imperviousness and absorbency to deliver unbeatable patient and surgical team protection.

Protex®4 drapes are made from a pliable yet tough impervious bi-laminate material supported by an additional ultra-reinforcement layer to further boost absorbency if required.  They are designed to eliminate bacterial transfer and deliver maximum absorbency and strikethrough prevention.

Features and Benefits

  • Impervious
  • High absorption capacity and speed
  • Soft and pliable
  • Strong and durable
  • Low linting
  • Latex free

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IP Protected Product

Intellectual Property rights such as patents, patent applications, registered designs etc. apply to this product group.
For details refer to applications: 201613307, 201712340, 201713600, 201713601, 201713962.