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Protex®4 Drape with Adhesive Reinforced U-Split

Re-order code: 35-016

Drape with Adhesive Split
Drape Fabric Keys

Protex®4 Drape with Adhesive Reinforced U-Split

Re-order code: 35-016

Size 200cm x 300cm
Units Per Inner -
Inners Per Carton -
Carton quantity 12 pcs
Sterile Sterile
Use Single Use
Colour -

More Information

  • Protex®4 Drape 200cm x 300cm
  • Adhesive U-Split 7.5cm x 58cm
  • Ultra reinforcement around Split 50cm x 110cm
  • Tube holder/fastener
  • Non-sterile code: 35-016NS


Advanced Drape Protection System

Advanced materials technology that improves drape imperviousness and absorbency to deliver unbeatable patient and surgical team protection.

Protex®4 drapes are made from a pliable yet tough impervious bi-laminate material supported by an additional ultra-reinforcement layer to further boost absorbency if required.  They are designed to eliminate bacterial transfer and deliver maximum absorbency and strikethrough prevention.

Features and Benefits

  • Impervious
  • High absorption capacity and speed
  • Soft and pliable
  • Strong and durable
  • Low linting
  • Latex free

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IP Protected Product

Intellectual Property rights such as patents, patent applications, registered designs etc. apply to this product group.
For details refer to applications: 201613307, 201712340, 201713600, 201713601, 201713962.