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Classic Hernia Drape with Round Reinforced Elastomeric Aperture & Dual Cord/Tube Holders

Product Details


210cm x 330cm

Units Per Inner


Inners Per Carton


Carton quantity

12 pcs





More Information

Round aperture 15cm diameter
Reinforcement around aperture 50cm x 70cm
Dual cord/tube holders
Non-sterile code: ST 0004

Hernia Drapes

Multigate Hernia Drapes cover full the range of relevant procedures and are known for their exceptional fluid management and infection control. They are cost effective and reduce the risk of contact with body fluids for clinicians and patients.

Relevant Procedures

  • 0990  Repair of inguinal hernia
  • 0992  Repair of umbilical, epigastric or linea alba hernia
  • 0993  Repair of incisional hernia
  • 0996  Repair of other abdominal wall hernia
  • 0997  Repair of incarcerated, obstructed or strangulated hernia

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