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Climate Neutral Procedure Packs

As part of our commitment to better product stewardship, Multigate is proud to announce that all Procedure Pack sold to Australian customers from 1 July 2022 are supplied Climate Neutral.

Data-led Approach

We've measured and offset the lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions associated with 1,800 components used in over 2,000 Procedure Pack recipes.

The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) was performed by Lifecycles and verified by South Pole.

Procedure Pack Carbon Footprint

To compensate for the emissions generated by our Procedure Pack portfolio, Multigate offset 20,175 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e).
This has the same emission reduction effect as removing 6,902 average Australian cars off the
road for 1 year*.


Supported Projects

We have selected a range of projects to offset the Greenhouse Gas emissions of our Procedure Pack portfolio. Our project selection is focused on development of renewable energy solutions in areas where our products are manufactured.

In addition to compensating for our emissions, we also wanted to support an Australian biodiversity project in Mt Sandy that works with the traditional owners to permanently protect a culturally important pocket of their land.

Look for this icon on your packs

This cloud icon is being added to your procedure packs as visual confirmation that Multigate has offset the climate change impact of your pack. It also provides URL details for where more information about this initiative can be found on our website. 

Please be aware it will take some time for this artwork change to flow through to the packs on your shelves. Rest assured, any procedure pack purchased from 1 July 2022 is verified Climate Neutral, whether it contains this cloud icon or not.

Offsetting your packs is just the beginning

Our goal is to work with you to find sustainable ways to reduce the impact of the products you consume, supporting your journey towards NetZero.

Our first product impact reduction initiative is our transition from traditional cotton abdominal sponges to our composite Fluro-Tec® abdominal sponges.  This simple change can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 25%.


Multigate is committed to systematically reducing the environmental footprint and carbon emissions in our operations and our products.

Small Change Big Impact is a philosophy we apply when reviewing our products, services and supply arrangements. We evaluate potential changes against a multi-criteria framework to ensure that they are well considered, balanced and capable of making a big impact. It’s a philosophy focused on how we better serve you and the patients in your care. 

Get your report

Want to know more?  We can provide you with a detailed report which quantifies the annual
offsetted impact of your Procedure Pack portfolio and savings from our impact reduction initiatives.

Reports are available to new and existing procedure pack customers.